Best Night Vision Scope – Guide & Reviews

Being in the military has given me so much exposure, unique experiences, knowledge, and training found nowhere else apart from service. Job rotation has allowed me to get in touch with highly sensitive tools and departments.

Be keen here, am not letting the cat out of the bag but night vision devices are among the main tools we use for surveillance.

Rescue missions and ambush are very tricky in approach, and you obviously want to have some prior information before getting engaged.

This is the reason why night vision scope was initially a military innovation they so badly needed night vision.

It has helped manage very tactical situations that would have otherwise been difficult to handle, the enemy would pin down the personnel and take over the territory.

Introduction to the Night Vision Scope

A night vision scope is a device that helps you see in very low light conditions, dark or even during daylight at a distance. It can be mounted on a rifle for shooting targets and again can be used solely to identify, observe and engage targets.

You may have a different use for the device but no matter its use, night vision scopes allow better visibility with no limitation of light or distance, can study your target unannounced and can collect raw data for further analysis either in images or films.

The only limitation is that clarity of the image is subject to how good or bad your eyes are in regards to accuracy.

Although, it’s a military tool, its gradually being used by civilians in keeping guard of their property like a vast piece of land, birds watching, night fishing, hiking, camping fun, viewing scenery and wildlife among other.

Below I will discuss in detail the best scopes available in the market presently. The final decision on what to take or leave squarely lies on you, but I will avail all resourceful information to help you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Night Vision Scopes for the money

It may be tedious and confusing too, to select a scope from among many top rated scopes both for starters and experienced users, since manufacturers keep coming up with more products. Before you make an actual purchase consider these factors I find very valuable in scopes:


Can you fully rely on this scope to give you accurate data? Can the device be used both during the day and at night? What images are produced in low light conditions? Does it have the required accessories for night vision in totally dark places? Can the unit capture images and films? This should guide you in determining how relevant the product will be in use.

Ease Of Operation

Of course, it would be terrible to work with a tool you barely want to use due to its complexity. Subject to what you consider easy always work with a device you can easily mount, adjust and operate. This will make your work easier and less cumbersome.


You cannot buy a product that you are sure will break down easy or be out of use within a short time. Check on the materials used in its construction their quality and texture. The machine should also be in good working condition and it possible has a lengthy warranty for peace of mind.


What are you willing to part with in exchange for the machine? Do you have a budget for it? Be realistic according to what you want to have versus what you are willing to spend. An expensive unit could be more economical and ideal, but if it does not fit into your budget, then you cannot have it. However, there are also cheaper and efficient scopes I would advise you shop around to get a better deal.


The major consideration could be the magnification, some gains and the resolution as this dictates the kind of image you get. Other specifications you could be looking at is the technology used to aid night vision, Infrared illuminator, reticles, batteries, image intensifier tube, finish among others.

Recommend Scope

When I half fill a glass of water, some may see it as half full while others may see it as half empty depending on their opinions. With this I mean that we all have different opinions, perspectives and ideologies despite how awesome a product may be its not workable to all.

To curb these manufacturers have produced a range of products for different target customers. I would advise that what you consider most suitable for you acquire it and put it into use. Other than this, all scopes discussed below are unique but with excellent performance.

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1. ATN Aries Mk. 390 Gen 1 Paladin 4x Magnification Night Vision Rifle

When this unit was first suggested to me by a colleague in the military, it hesitated in acquiring it as there were so many this I was unsure of due to lack of knowledge. I later acquired it, and it’s now over six years, and it’s great in quality, visible range, resolution and other features as below:

IR Illuminator

This is an invisible light to the human eye but used to light up a scene as it allows night time surveillance without the need for additional artificial lighting. The illuminator is detachable hence can remove it when not in use.

Brightness Adjustment

Allows you to personalize your case as you have the freedom to adjust the unit to the brightness you doom fit in line with the color intensity you require.

Glass Optics

Improves on the results you achieve as other than the magnification and resolution the glass optics too improve visibility. They repel fog or water to avoid blurred images that may be inaccurate.


Has protective lens covers to avoid damaging the lenses, a soft carrying for storage and movements, quality construction and a user manual that outline the dos and don’ts, care, and maintenance.

2. ATN Digital Night Vision Monocular

Want to have fun while hunting for long hours without fatigue, stress and still enjoy your job. This night vision device is worth your money I would suggest you make you of its efficient functionality. These features have made the unit be rated among the best:

Great Clarity

Makes use of an ultra bright technology made possible by the infrared red light at night, with a 4x magnification, field of view of 12 degrees,42mm lens diameter, and range of up to 500 yards. Images are brought to precision.


Enclosed to the unit is a two-year limited factory warranty material defects and poor craftsmanship traced back to the manufacturer but subject to terms and conditions, to control baseless claims and abuse.

Water Resistant

Since you will majorly use this device outdoors and the weather is unpredictable, the manufacturer has constructed this unit to repel water so that you can comfortably shoot even in rainy conditions.

Battery Life

The motor is powered by a single CR123A battery that has a universal voltage of 3 volts, runs for long hours without recharge and is durable. Their only limitations are that they are expensive and only stocked in selected stores.

3. Sightmark Photon XT 4.6 x 42s Digital Night Vision Riflescope

This is an awesome engineering work that boosts night vision considerably with both day and night use and a recognition range of up to 300 yards and above. This is a scope worth spending for, below are its major highlights:

Video Output

Aside from being able to see targets at night, you may also require recording a series of events around your target for accurate data. This unit has been made to capture such moment, and the information can be stored in an external memory.

Contrast Adjustment

Good for sharper focus and range estimation. It utilizes a digital windage and an elevation adjustment system for perfect precision and overall streamlined design.

4.6x Magnification

Has a powerful adjustable objective lens with great zoom capability as it can magnify a target 4.6 times with a resolution of 640 x 480 to clear tell in details.

Illuminated Reticles

Have six colorful reticles with an infrared light to light up the scene. Have two crossbow reticles, two duplex reticles for hog and varmint hunting, a mildot reticle for range finding and holdovers and a German style reticle.

4. ATN IR850- B3 Night Vision Scope

A smart innovation that can be comfortably mounted seamlessly on any rifle to aid in focusing the target and shooting. Among the many reasons why this product is reliable for use here are the main attributes that make it awesome in performance:

Light In Weight

Since hunters and shooters who are the main users of this device are highly mobile, having a compact easy to use unit that is light in weight is a major consideration. It makes it comfortable for use even by hunters who work for long hours.


The device is made of materials that can withstand fog, mist, and rain. Has a multi-coated optics that absorbs shock reducing wear and tear. Besides, the unit has a cover of one year for any unforeseen defects.

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Infrared Illuminator

Makes use of a powerful red light that cannot be seen by naked eyes to light up the scene for better low light vision. For daytime use the illuminator can be switched off as their scene is already made visible by the natural light and zooming may be all you need.

Extended Battery Life

The unit is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can last up to 80 hours without a recharge, has a high voltage and is durable. However, it’s expensive and only found in selected stores.

5. Solomark Night Vision Monocular

You may have research, analyzed and tested various night vision devices but got disappointed. The Solomark monocular has been made with the new technology and customer focused on giving you excellent performance. Below are the critical features that improve on the overall functionality of the scope:

Video feature

Popularly used by wildlife photographers and terrain observers. This is because of it able to capture sharp images and the video output allows the user to gather a series of events and line objects around the target.

LCD Screen

Observing exact details as they are on the ground is made possible even in the darkest hour of the night. Moreover, this allows you to use both eyes to engage the target hence very comfortable and innovative too.


Has awesome magnification at different level meaning there is more accuracy, clearer images, better shooting experience and a longer range is possible.

Sensitive Sensors

This is the reason why even in very low light conditions night vision is still possible. The sensors are easily triggered to function in dim light, brightness well controlled and color uncompromised despite the zoom capability used.

6. ATN Infra Red IR450- B1:MO4, Night Storm, Night Scout, Voyager

This is the most dependable and high performing weapon scopes manufacturers have produced in the ATN brand. Has smart night vision ability for hunting and shooting despite the light conditions. Here are the most striking features it possesses;

Image Intensifier

The intensifier tube is of good quality with two eyepieces so that you can look through the unit using both eyes comfortably.

Night Vision

With the in-built infrared illuminator, that has a red light that is not visible to human eyes but works effectively in lighting up the scene. Make night vision possible with images brought to fine clarity.

All-Weather Housing

Has been perfectly finished to repel any fog, mist, and water from slipping in. The optics have been shock protected to withstand much force or pressure.


This assures you of a hassle free use. Has a factory warranty of two years subject to preset conditions so customers may not abuse the privilege.

7. ATN Night Spirit-2 Gen 2+ Night Vision Multi-Purpose System

Well, there are many version of an ATN night vision scope that manufacturer has produced to cater for all users of these optics devices. In the Gen 2+ category, this product stands out and matches very well with the Gen 3 scopes. These features define this product:


Has an ergonomic design that is small, compact and lightweight to carry around. Has a soft carry case for storage and movements. Ideal for long range hunting and target shooting.

Mountable Graphics

The scope is easily mounted on the rifle as it has been made to fit firmly on the rifle. There are no slight movements that alter with the images or data.

Infrared Illuminator Power Control

It easy to turn on or off the red light by only pressing the control button when in use and press it once when turning off. This way the motor uses less power when the light is not necessary hence, the battery can last longer.


It utilizes a 3x magnification which is a good balance of light gathering ability, the field of view, a number of gains and resolution for accurate readings. This gives clear, sharp and detailed images or video.

8. Best guarder 6 x 50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular

Day / Night Use

The infrared red light lights up the scene at night or in low light conditions. During the day the flip up cover on the lens closes to prevent damage. This makes this unit be of use all year round.

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Camera And Camcorder Function

Has a camera function that captures clear, sharp images and a video output that record a series of events around your target. You do not have to preset the video output so longer as you had linked them the scope does all the work for you since some situation may be so sensitive even to remember you were to put on the video output.


The unit can use either an alkaline, 4 AA or NI-MH batteries to power the motor of the scope. These batteries are long lasting, hold a high voltage of power and have a battery indicator when it’s running low.

Solid Body

The product is well constructed with a black finish that does not reflect light hence you can observe you target unannounced. The housing is water repellant hence of use in all weather conditions without giving blurred images.

9. CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope

If you are looking for a scope for long range hunting and target shooting. The CVLIFE is the way to go as it has an impressive 600-yard range and very affordable in comparison to other scopes that works the same from other brands. It is with keen interest that I took note of these characteristics:

Field Of View

Whether it’s during the day or at night, this scope will help you clearly see objects in a range of up to 100 yards away approximately 28 feet. This good distance as it’s neither too close nor too further away from the target.

Light Transmission

Makes use of all available light and gathers to the powerful objective lens that passes on to the entire scope for better vision. High magnification level, the number of gains and quality resolution facilitate this.

Protective Lens Covers

Even if you possess a high-end scope, but the lenses are poor, that unit may be of little use to you if any. Lenses are a vital component in a scope. The protective covers have been put in place to avoid damaging the lenses either from much light or external forces.

Black Finish

The black matte color has been skillfully selected since it camouflages well in the dark. In addition, it does not reflect light hence you will carry out your hunting activities without the prey noticing your presence.

10. Monstrum Tactical 3-9 x 32 AO Rifle Scope

Among the most trusted rifle scope brands since it quality and has excellent performance season after season. This aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction is lightweight hence good for hiking, boating, night fishing, and birds watching among others. Outlined are its stand-out features:

Adjustable Objective Lens

It allows you to make slight rotations at any distance so that you obtain a sharp, clearer focus of the target. Gives room for range estimation and elimination of parallax.

Rangefinder Reticle

Have five brightness levels both with either a red or green light for better visibility at night or in low light conditions. It’s marked to help in estimating range or compensate for bullet drop.


Able to give you clear, sharp images at different magnification levels. Has a magnification of 3 times to nine times. This helps in personalizing your work as a target will differ in the range they are in. This magnification is limited to a distance of up to 300 yards.


Has been made to last long and for better use. The addition of nitrogen charged tubes which are fog and water resistant and a heavy duty one three voltage CR2032 battery adds on to its leverage. Besides, it has a one-year limited warranty for defects on material and craftsmanship.

Final Words

There are more benefits of each night vision scope model as I have clearly outlined. Each is good for use but have varying features which make them unique in their way.

Their use, however, may require learning curve especially if you intend to use the device professionally. Experience will give you hands on touch with the product hence no need to worry.

Although military and service personnel initially used them, its use has diversified, and civilians are increasingly demanding the scopes.

I can tell you for sure these are the best in the market but to affirm this try it out. Let there be no drawing back about acquiring the tool, quality and performance is assured. Choose that which you strongly believe it’s the best for you.

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