Best Tactical Guns 2019

We’re going to be talking about some of the most tactical guns ever made. How does a gun make this list? You ask. Well, first it needs to be an all-around good gun needs to be reliable, accurate, and dependable. It also needs to be used by special operators or at least people with beards and camo. It needs to be in pop culture as well. Action movies, video games, and also all over the internet. Lastly, it needs to look really badass and it needs to be unique from its competition. So strap in for some of the most tactical guns ever made. If your favorite doesn’t make this list or the honorable mentions, please leave it in the comment section below. And number five the K Mark 23 first, I needed a pistol for this list and what pistol is more tactical than the Mark 23 designed by special operations for special operations.

This giant 45 ACP handgun is one of the best of all time. Why did it make this list? First, it’s reliable and accurate, made for special forces to be an offensive pistol, which is very cool. The U S SOCOM version of the MK 23 also came paired with a very cool laser aiming module. The Mark 23 is designed for use with the suppressor for extra tactical points and it’s made by HK, probably the most tactical gun company out there. Plus it’s been an action movie like soldier tears of the sun and Sicario. Not to mention every first person shooter ever made and number four, the Benelli M for. When I say tactical, I immediately think shotgun tactical shotgun. The two words just go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you were starting to talk about tactical shotguns, some others may come up like the eight 70 for example, or the Mossberg 500 FNS LP, maybe even the AA 12 but the most tactical shotgun of all time has to be the Benelli M four it might just be the most reliable semiauto shotgun in the world.

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Plus it looks really mean and shoots really fast. It’s even used to this day by the Marines. How about the fact that it was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tallahassee from zombie land, even the mighty John wick, still not enough. It was in almost every call of duty ever made enough set at number three, the scar. What’s not to love about a scar except for maybe the price. This piston driven semiauto five five six or seven six two rifle made by FN was designed to replace the AR 15 rifle, but that didn’t really work out due to cost. This rifle is extremely reliable, lightweight, and accurate. It also has a folding stock for extra tactical points. It’ll has a quad rail that is pretty much mandatory for this list and it takes a lot of air, 15 accessories, which makes it even more tactical. So besides all that, why is it on this list?

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Well, just look at it seriously. It has also been used overseas and is in lots of movies and video games. As long as you have the money, you can’t go wrong with a scar. It just might be the best battle rifle on the planet. Oh yeah. And it comes in flat, darker earth number two, the MP five maybe the greatest submachine gun ever made this nine-millimeter full auto is a light, small, accurate, reliable, and comes in black. MB five is one of the most widely used some machine guns in the world, adopted by over 40 countries. But more importantly than that for this list, it looks really, really cool. The MP five K, in particular, is one of my all-time favorites. It is used by special operations all over the world in tons of movies and video games. Seriously, try to find a SWAT team in a movie that doesn’t have one of these from the 1960s all the way till today.

The MP five is still one of the best and most tactical CQB weapons of all time. Now for some quick honorable mentions, the spazz 12th VA 12 Glock pistols, the Chris vector, the corner shot the HKG 36 that Devor or X 95 series and the FN 45 tactical. Now all of these guns are still very tactical. They just got slightly edged out from my list because either they weren’t used enough in pop culture or I just liked the ones in the top five a little bit more. And finally, number one, you knew what was coming. What can I say? Just Google the word tactical. And what do you come up with? Well, you come up with a lot of pictures of guys and cammo with beards holding AR fifteens the AR 15 is it gas operated semi or fully auto? Five five six caliber rifle, usually with a 16 inch barrel.

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It’s the most popular tactical rifle in the United States and one of the most in the world. It is used in almost every picture of special forces, the units in about every action movie or any video game you will find with the air. 15 the shorter the barrel and the longer the rail, the better. With all kinds of accessories this rifle might be the most modular on the planet. You really can make it as tactical as you want. And why not use this popular black rifle? It’s ergonomic, lightweight, modular, accurate, low recoiling, and a lot more reliable than people on the internet would lead you to believe. Most of the U S troops and even some other NATO countries use it, and it is in some of the best video games and shootouts and movie history, including Scarface, predator, the matrix, and maybe the best ever the movie heat. This was my list of the top five most tactical guns ever.

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