The world’s 7 worst guns ever

Today we’re going to be talking about seven guns that I wish I didn’t buy. Now I’m going to get some hate from the fan voice from this post and I understand why I’m not saying all of these guns will be terrible for you. I’m just saying for one reason or another they were terrible for me and I wish I didn’t buy them in this list. I’m going to try to explain why I bought them originally, why I hated them and some options that I would recommend buying instead. So let’s get started at number seven. My Wilson combat in 1911 now I gotta admit I’ve wanted a Wilson combat for as long as I can remember. All I’ve heard were awesome things about it. The most reliable, the most accurate, 1911 on the planet with top-notch craftsmanship and a slide is smooth, is a baby.

Seals ass, looks like a supermodel and it handles like a dream. Almost all of that is actually true, believe it or not, except for the reliability, which I wish I could say I didn’t have issues with, but I feel like I had many more reliability issues then I should have for the whopping $4,000 price tag, but the real problem that I had afterward was the resale value. If you decide to sell your gun after you get it, you’ll be lucky to get right around three-quarters of what you paid for it. And if you’re bad at math, that’s about a thousand dollar loss minimum. I really can’t stress enough how disappointed I was, especially considering my Springfield and Dan West in 19 Eleven’s performed better and costs a lot less money. Number six is going to be the Caltech PF nine now, I’m not a Caltech cater by far, but let’s be honest, there are a few good designs that they have, but there’s also a lot that you should stay away from, and this for me is one of those for sure. Continue reading