The world’s 7 worst guns ever

Today we’re going to be talking about seven guns that I wish I didn’t buy. Now I’m going to get some hate from the fan voice from this post and I understand why I’m not saying all of these guns will be terrible for you. I’m just saying for one reason or another they were terrible for me and I wish I didn’t buy them in this list. I’m going to try to explain why I bought them originally, why I hated them and some options that I would recommend buying instead. So let’s get started at number seven. My Wilson combat in 1911 now I gotta admit I’ve wanted a Wilson combat for as long as I can remember. All I’ve heard were awesome things about it. The most reliable, the most accurate, 1911 on the planet with top-notch craftsmanship and a slide is smooth, is a baby.

Seals ass, looks like a supermodel and it handles like a dream. Almost all of that is actually true, believe it or not, except for the reliability, which I wish I could say I didn’t have issues with, but I feel like I had many more reliability issues then I should have for the whopping $4,000 price tag, but the real problem that I had afterward was the resale value. If you decide to sell your gun after you get it, you’ll be lucky to get right around three-quarters of what you paid for it. And if you’re bad at math, that’s about a thousand dollar loss minimum. I really can’t stress enough how disappointed I was, especially considering my Springfield and Dan West in 19 Eleven’s performed better and costs a lot less money. Number six is going to be the Caltech PF nine now, I’m not a Caltech cater by far, but let’s be honest, there are a few good designs that they have, but there’s also a lot that you should stay away from, and this for me is one of those for sure.

I bought it because it was very lightweight, one of the lightest nine-millimeter pistols on the market at right or wrong, 12 ounces, which is pretty impressive and it’s also really cheap. I think I got it at a gun show for right around $200 and lastly, it comes highly recommended by one of the YouTubers. I like nothing fancy, so how bad could it be? Right? Think about it for a second. Put a nine millimeter round in an unreliable 12-ounce frame with no traction to speak of and what do you get for me, you get a fairly unsuitable gun. Yes, it’s lightweight and a reasonable caliber, but if you can’t hit anything, what’s the point? The recoil was extreme enough that my wife didn’t even want to practice with it and if you don’t practice with it, you might as well not carry it because you won’t be able to shoot it effectively.

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It did have some pretty serious reliability issues in a lot of the ammo that I tried and for me, if I buy a nine-millimeter pistol, there are so many options on the market today. If it doesn’t shoot everything nine millimeters, I get tired of it pretty quick and move on to something that does. If you’re going to buy a sub-compact single stack for me, I would stick with a reputable company like Glock, Smith and Wesson or Walter number five the tourists, six Oh eight now tourist doesn’t get a lot of love from me and I think that’s for good reason. I bought this gun because of the price. $600 compared with thousand for the Smith and Wesson. Since it’s on the list of guns, I regret buying. You can guess I should have just went with Smith and Wesson. I also got this revolver because it was eight shots of three 57 very impressive.

It came with a ported barrel and hive is adjustable sites. That’s a lot of great features for the money. However, in classic tourist fashion, they sacrifice, build quality and reliability for cool factor in features. This gun could barely get through a full cylinder without a failure. If I were you, I would pick up a Ruger or Smith and Wesson buy once, cry once. The fuck is going on. At number four, the car CW three 80 another unreliable pocket pistol makes the list. The car is great on paper, coming in at a featherweight 10 ounces, making it one of the lightest pistols you can carry with a reasonable caliber for self defense and also comes with the car name, which has a great track record, but this gun could barely get through a magazine of any animal that I fed it. Not to mention the terrible trigger by today’s standards.

I know a lot of you like it, but you should try PPQ and get back to me. Also, I happen to be pretty tall, so this tiny gun barely fit in my hands to begin with. It might be great for your grandma, but it’s not great for me and I’m glad I sold it. If you’re in the market for a three 80 pocket pistol, check out the Ruger LCP, Glock 42 or the very, very awesome SIG P two 38 number three the Remington RP nine. Now, normally I give guns the benefit of the doubt, but this gun is just a huge piece of crap added to the list of failed Remington products in the last 10 years. Thanks. Freedom group way to ruin one of the oldest firearm companies in the world. This may be the least reliable gun are reviewed this year. Not to mention the grip was absolutely terrible.

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Maybe the worst that I’ve tried, there was no texture at all and it literally felt like a broomstick, a very spongy trigger that worked about 75% of the time with no tactile or audible reset. Not to mention the fact that it slaps you in the finger every time you shoot it. So how did Remington decide to turn this sinking ship around? Well, they decided to hire the old CEO of tourists. I wouldn’t hold your breath thinking that Remington’s quality will increase anytime soon. We’ve so many alternatives to this gun. Why even buy it? Get yourself a Glock, PPQ, SIG XD, CZ, Smith, and Wesson, or almost anything else at number two, the DPMs G2 recon. This is the gun that started my channel. I was very excited for this gun to be released and I bought it soon after. On the recommendation of reputable people on YouTube, like James Yeager.

It was supposed to be as light as an eight or 15 very reliable, very accurate, and you could even take some standard air 15 parts and put them on this three Oh eight gun. What it got, whoever was a little bit different than advertise. The gun that I purchased wouldn’t function a single round right out of the box and it had to be sent back to have the bolt resized so it would at least move back and forth inside the rifle. I got it back a couple of months later. It’s still malfunctioned one or two times every hundred rounds or so. However, I did fix that issue as well myself by adding an adjustable gas block. It also was as accurate as advertise to say the least about one to one and a half MOA at best I have rack grade air fifteens that you’d better than that. Did I mention that it recoiled like a truck full of dildos falling off a bridge and landing on your shoulder.

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I might be exaggerating a little bit here, but it still had about double the recall of my M and P 10 and they’re the exact same type of gun shooting, the exact same caliber. I decided after this gun that I would start a YouTube channel and I would be honest about my experiences so people don’t have to go through what I went through to find out what gun works the best for them. For me personally, if you’re looking for G2 recon, I would steer more towards Aero precision or definitely the Smith and Wesson M and P and number one. It takes a lot to get to number one on this list, but you made it the ultra 87 by century arms. This is an eight 70 clone in 12 gauge. I did a review on this gun titled the worst gun ever and pretty much everyone who saw it agreed.

It’s a cheap Chinese copy of an eight 70 imported by century arms. Why did I buy it? You ask bought it because I’ve always bought brand named shotguns, like Mossberg or Remington, and I wanted to try something different. Not to mention this gun was a little bit under $200 to add insult to injury. My buddy needed a shotgun and I hadn’t tried this out yet. He was on a very strict budget so I gave it to him. He shot about a box of ammo through it before the rails inside the receiver that the bolt rides on completely sheared off. They’re made of metal about as tough as a melted beer can, so I guess I wasn’t that surprised. The book got jammed inside the receiver so hard that it wouldn’t work and you couldn’t break the action down to see what was wrong. After taking it to a gunsmith to find out that my new gun no longer works and it would cost me more to fix it.

Then by a new shotgun of higher quality, I decided to make the review and I stand by it. Please do yourself a favor and spend the extra 50 to a hundred dollars and at least get a Mossberg Maverick. Use 500 or even a use eight 70 all three will last you your entire life and you’ll be able to hand them down to your children and your entire life is a little bit longer than a box of birdshot. If you liked this post, please like and subscribe.

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